36 Pc Superheroes Buildables Party Favor Pack


  • 36 Piece Superheroes Party Favor Pack features: 12 X 2 Metallic Half Masks in red, blue, silver, purple, gold, and green (enough for each child to have 2 masks each). Assorted color plastic masks measure 6 3/4″ and come with elastic bands. You will receive 2 of each color.
  • 12 Super Hero Rubber Bracelets in red, green, orange, and blue. Each bracelet has various superhero phrases “Wham, Ka-Pow, BOOOM, Krash” imprinted on them. The bracelets are 8 inches in circumference and will stretch to fit most wrist sizes.
  • 12 DC Comic Superheroes Buildable Figurines. Each buildable is a round plastic ball that open to reveal the superheroes body. Snap the 3 pieces together and you have a superhero for imaginative play. The 6 different superheroes include: Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Two-Face and The Green Lantern. You will receive 12 total and at least 1 of each of the different superheroes.
  • 1 Super Secret Surprise Sack (Trademark Pending). This surprise sack can be used as a door prize, an achievement reward, or as a gift for the winner of a party game. The Super Secret Surprise Sack is resealable, comes in bright, bold colors and will contain a fun, unique “Super Hero” themed toy for one lucky kid.



This Superheroes party favor pack is both fun and affordable! Each Pack has 12 DC Comic Buildable Superhero figurines featuring Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Two-Face, and The Green Lantern. The metallic half masks will transform 12 kids (or adults) into their own favorite super hero and encourage creative play. It also comes with 12 cool rubber super hero bracelets with power words like “Wham, Ka-Pow, & Booom”. A perfect addition to any Super Hero Party! These would also make great prizes for a teacher rewards treasure chest or carnival games.