96 Pc Race Car Party Favor Pack


  • 96 Piece Race Car Party Favor Pack features: 12 Make-a-race car sticker sheets. Each sheet is 6 1/2 inch x 4 3/4 inch with 12 sticker sheets and 12 background sheets. 3 Different colored race cars sticker sheets, 4 of each color, 12 total.
  • 12 Rubber Race Car Bracelets in red, blue, yellow, and green. Each bracelet is stamped with one of the following phrases: “BURNIN’ RUBBER”, “PIT CREW”, “EXTREME SPEED”, & “FULL THROTTLE”. 8 inch circumference that will stretch to most wrist sizes.
  • 72 Temporary Race Car Tattoos. Enough for 12 kids to receive 1 of each of the 6 different design (6 per child x 12 = 72).
  • 1 Super Secret Surprise Sack (Trademark Pending). This can be given to the birthday child, used as a door prize, or as a gift for the winner of a party game. The Super Secret Surprise Sack is resealable, comes in bright, bold colors and will contain a fun, unique “Race Car” themed toy for one lucky kid.



This 96 Pc Race Car Party Favor Pack is perfect for your car themed birthday party. 12 Kids will each receive a make-a-car sticker sheet to design his own race car, a race car bracelet, and 6 different race car temporary tattoos. These would also make great prizes for a teacher’s reward box or treasure chest.