Triple Fidget Pencil Topper Pack (36 pc)


This pack contains 36 cool fidget pencil toppers and 1 Super Secret Surprise Sack. Great for kids that need pencil toppers for sensory needs or just to help motivate students. These toppers are fun and unobtrusive, perfect for kids that need something in their hands during class as a fidget. Or, for students that simply want their pencil to have a unique flare. Toppers are also an excellent way for kids to be able to easily identify their own pencil.

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12 Hedge Ball Pencil Tops. Each one is 2 inches in diameter and made of a soft, squishy plastic. These make great classroom fidgets that neatly fit on the end of a pencil when not in use.

12 Wiggle Eye Pencil Wraps. Each one is 2 inches long in bright, primary colors. These pencil toppers will bring smiles into the classroom.

12 Nuts, Bolts, and Screws Pencil Tops . Each one is approximately 2 inches long in various colors and styles.

1 Super Secret Surprise Sack (TM) that contains a fun and unique pencil topper fidget.


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