12 Pirate Dress up Party Favor Pack


  • 12 Cute Pirate Hats & 12 Pirate Patches. Pirate hat size can be adjusted using double sided tape (recommended) or by stapling each size of the hat to the correct head circumference. Each pirate patch features a skull and crossed sword imprint and is 3 1/4 inch wide. Made of a soft pliable rubber plastic, patches can be trimmed down in size for smaller “pirate” faces (see included photos).
  • 12 Packages of Mustaches (36 mustaches total), 12 Skull Rings, & 36 Temporary Pirate Tattoos. Mustache packages each contain 3 different mustache styles so each pirate can choose their unique look. The Pirate Tattoos are 2 inches x 2 inches and have 6 unique designs.
  • 1 Super Secret Surprise Sack (Trademark Pending). This bonus gift can be used as a door prize, a gift for the winner of a party game or as “pirate loot” for a treasure hunt. The Super Secret Surprise Sack is resealable and will contain a fun, unique “Pirate” themed toy for one lucky kid.


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This Pirate Dress up Party Favor Pack will transform 12 kids or adults into Pirates. With hats, pirate patches, skull rings, mustaches, & tattoos your guests will be ready to set sail for a perfect pirate party! The pirate party pack also comes with a bonus Super Secret Surprise Sack that contains a special pirate themed toy for 1 lucky kid. Have a treasure hunt and use the Pirate Surprise Sack as part of your pirate treasure or use it as a prize for a party game.

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