72 Pc Deluxe Pirate Dress up Party Favor Pack


  • 12 Cute Pirate Hats. Pirate hat size can be adjusted using double sided tape (recommended) or by stapling each size of the hat to the correct head circumference.
  • 12 Inflatable Pirate Swords that measure 23 inches long and are made of Vinyl. The inflatable plug is on the handle rather than the blade (like some swords), which helps eliminate injury to the child being hit by the hard plastic plug during sword fights.
  • 12 Pirate Patches & 36 Pirate Tattoos. Each pirate patch features a skull and crossed sword imprint and is 3 1/4 inch wide. Made of a soft pliable rubber plastic, patches can be trimmed down in size for smaller “pirate” faces (see included photos). The pirate temporary tattoos come in 6 different designs and are 2 inches x 2 inches in size.
  • 1 Super Secret Surprise Sack (Trademark Pending). This bonus gift can be used as a door prize, a gift for the winner of a party game or as “pirate loot” for a treasure hunt. The Super Secret Surprise Sack is resealable and will contain a fun, unique “Pirate” themed toy for one lucky kid.


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Our 72 Piece Deluxe Pirate Dress up Party Favor Pack will transform 12 kids or adults into Pirates. With hats, pirate patches, inflatable pirate swords, & tattoos your guests will have a blast!