Terrific Toy 100 Pc Toy Assortment


     Our 100 Pc Terrific Toy Bulk Assortment contains:

  • 16 Foam Glider Airplanes measuring 4.5 x 5.5 inches long
  • 12 Diamond Gemstone Rings
  • 12 Bracelets
  • 12 Sticky Hands
  • 12 Sticky Mustaches
  • 12 flying frogs,
  • 12 Rubber Rainforest Snakes
  •  12 other fun novelty toys.
  • 1 Super Secret Surprise Sack! (trademark pending) This bonus gift can be used as a door prize, an achievement reward, or as a gift for the winner of a party game. The Super Secret Surprise Sack is resealable, comes in bright, bold colors and will contain a fun, unique toy for one lucky kid.

GTIN = 00798304283525

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100 Piece Super Cool Toy Assortment that includes Glider Airplanes, Sticky Hands & Mustaches, Flying Frogs, Rubber Snakes, Diamond Rings, Bracelets and other fun toys. 8 different novelty toys plus 1 Surprise Sack in each bag that have each been handpicked by other kids as being some of the best prizes offered in treasure boxes. These would also make great goody bag stuffers/fillers or to use as stocking stuffers or Easter basket stuffers/fillers.


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